21st World Trotting Conference finished


The 21st World Trotting Conference held in Oslo had its last day Thursday. The same day also was the General Assembly of The International Trotting Association, ITA.

For Tuesday, the third day of the Conference, the theme of the day was Animal Welfare. There were good guestspeakers (see presentations in left menu) speaking about anabolic steroids, equipment used on horses, and tho nordic model of anti-doping work was presented.

On Wednesday the first part was about breeding of trotters, and the audience got a presentation of th cold blooded horse. The attendees also got to see two horses in real life on the street of Oslo city; one of Norway's best cold blooded horses Moe Odin, and Jonsvarten - a "Døle" stallion which is the origin of the cold blood.
The other part of the day there was a panel discussion about training and racing the young horse, and differences between the countries concerning the

The 22nd World Trotting Conference is to be held in USA, and John Pawlak from US Trotting Association presented the preliminary plans for the conference. Se their website at http://world.ustrotting.com/